Friday, October 28, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

Thursday started out as a wonderful day and ended the same way!

The day started at 630 am.  I got up and got ready for the day.  The kids finally woke up and then it was breakfast time.  After breakfast it was time to clean.  I was like a tornado, cleaning everything I could find.  Then my husband called and asked if I could help get some equipment to a field, a good way away from the homestead.  He stopped by the house on the tractor and picked up the kids.  They love to ride in the tractor.  I then waited for our friend to call the house to tell me he was loaded with fertilizer and headed to the field.  When the call came I jumped into the car and headed out to the field.  It was so quiet and so pretty out.  It was the most relaxing drive ever.  I was about to cross the river bridge when I came upon this....
Yep you have it right.  A real life cattle drive.  This made me want to go visit our friend near Manhattan who is a rancher.  I love going there to ride horses and check cattle.  It is a great stress reliever!

So after the cattle were off the river bridge it was time to get to the field.  Once there I put the kids in the car and picked up our friend to head back to the farm to get another truck.  I was then to follow that truck back to the field and then bring our friend back to the farm so he could get to work.  On this second trip to the field we had a stow away in the vehicle.
She is not one to load herself into the I loaded her.  She was pretty good entertainment for the kiddos while I drove to the field.

After everyone was in place to get work done then it was time to come home and get to work.  We had lunch, naps and more cleaning until Daddy came home.  When he got home we all bundled up in our cold weather gear and went to the last Andale High School Football game of the year.

It was a great game.  The kids did a great job.  After the third quarter we decided that Andale was going to win (and they did) and the kids were getting restless, so it was time to head home.

So all in all it was a Thrilling Thursday at the Winter household!