Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend we decided we needed a weekend away.  We had tickets to go to the farm show in Kansas City, Mo (KC).  We left early Saturday morning and hit the road.
We finally made it to KC.  I have never been to a farm show so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was excited to see what this show was all about.  I have to say I was pretty amazed.  I have never seen so much equipment under one roof.  There were two stories. Every piece was all shiny and new.  The kids wanted to climb up in every piece of equipment they could find.  They just about succeeded!
Swather...mommy like.  I want one if I am going to help swath straw this year!

Gleaner Combine.  Jeff ran one like this last year as a test for Gleaner.

After we spent several hours at the show we then drove to our buddies house which is between Topeka, KS and Manhattan, KS.  Him, his dad and grandpa ranch.  They have 700 head of angus cattle.  They have about 650 momma cows.  They ride horses to check cows and these horses are amazing.  Anyone can ride them.  I love going there to ride and see the cows.  The kids also got to help feed a couple of orphaned calves.  I loved that they got to experience this.
He had so much fun.  Little sister wasn't strong enough to hold the bottle so mommy had to help.  Mommy can multitask but not good enough to feed a hungry calf and take a picture!

My favorite horse on the ranch is Blaze.  This is also Heath's Grandpa's horse.
We also had to have a least one unexpected adventure and that was the car decided it wanted to lock itself with the keys still inside.  We are still trying to figure that mystery out!
The boys trying to get the car to unlock.
After spending some good quality time at Heath's ranch we then headed into Manhattan where we bedded down for the night. The kids were a little sad that we got there after the hotel pool closed but after the day we had I don't think they would have had the energy to swim (it was really the big kids I was worried about not having any energy!).

The next morning we got up and attended church at St. Isidore's, which is right off the K-State campuse.  I remember it always being packed but the church was completely full with 10 minutes left before mass started.  Father Keith gives everyone a hug as you come in.  The hugs from him is my favorite part besides his sermons.  I miss going to that church.  The atmosphere is wonderful!  After church we decided to walk around campus.  It is more fun to walk around campus now that I don't have to go to class!
The kids running in the center of campus.

We of course did some shopping at Varney's.  That is the only place that I buy my K-State gear.  That way I know that I am just as cool as the college kids (okay that is big maybe on the cool part but I do love the new K-State gear!).  After that we grabbed some pizza and headed to my friend Rachael's house to visit her family and her new addition.  Her little girl is so cute and her little boy is so sweet.  I could have stayed there all day and cuddled with him!
Pretending they are taking naps!

Sweet baby boy!
I finally told my husband that the only way for us to get back on the road to home was to make me give the sweet baby boy back to his momma.  After a lot of convencing to hand him over, we headed home.  We got home about 7 that night and everyone agreed that it was the best mini-vaction we have had in a long time.

And that my friends concludes our weekend getaway!


  1. Looks like you packed a lot into your weekend!

  2. Yes it was packed full of stuff. We were really tired at the end of it but it was well worth it.